Keep it Simple, Make it Fast! An approach to underground music scenes (pdf)

Nakładem wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu w Porto ukazała się książka „Keep it Simple, Make it Fast! An approach to underground music scenes” pod redakcją Pauli Guerry i Tâni Moreiry.

Publikacja jest pokłosiem konferencji Keep it Simple, Make it Fast!, która odbyła się w 2014 roku w Porto (FLUP i Casa Da Musica).

Jak czytamy w artykule : „The underground music scenes were, for a long time, associated with strong DIY (do-it-yourself) cultural practices. Consequently, in this book we intend to discuss the importance of underground artistic and musical practices in contemporary society, both for its volatility and for its undeniable importance in youth urban cultures, keeping a record of sociological reflection, although open to all other social sciences. Underground urban musical cultures were and still are considered by many as illegitimate objects of analysis within the framing of contemporary social theory. However, these cultures play a central role in the functioning of music (post) industry and in the outlook of emerging digital media. We also intend to clarify the musical scenes that run through contemporary cities, giving them rhythms but also specific forms of cultural identity, as well as a new historical, social and artistic heritage. In sum, this book aims to explore the contemporary landscapes of underground urban music scenes and DIY cultures in a context of globalized modernity” [s. 11].

Artykuły zamieszczono w 7 sekcjach tematycznych:

  • Music and DIY cultures: DIY or Die!;
  • Porto calling: meanings, dynamics, artifacts and identities in today’s punk scenes;
  • Music scenes, politics and ideology: social-historical memories and contemporary practices;
  • Contemporary underground cultures’ aesthetics: between the digital, the retro and the nostalgia;
  • Musical production, mediation, consumption and fruition in the contemporaneity;
  • Underground music scenes;
  • Local scenes, communities, identities and urban cultures.

Publikacja w całości w formacie pdf dostępna jest TUTAJ.