The Homology of Musical Tastes in Poland

The article “The Homology of Musical Tastes in Poland” was published in issue 4 of the scientific journal Studia Socjologiczne. Publication is based on the results of a quantitative study carried out as part of the Musical Distinctions research project. You can read the entire article HERE.

The main aim of the analysis is to determine to what extent preference for specific musical genres is related to social position. The study was based on data from a survey conducted in 2019 on a random sample of Poles. The explained phenomena are six genres representing broad spectrum of musical tastes: classical music, jazz, rock, rap, pop, and disco polo. The results of the analysis indicate that the diversity of musical tastes does not come down to one dimension. Family socialization, educational level, and, in part, class position exert the highest impact not only on preferences of classical music but also on liking jazz, rock and disco polo. The class effect appears almost negligent in preference for pop and rap which lead us to general conclusion that cultural stratification does not cover all forms of activity having a selective effect. Musical preferences turn out to be extremely strongly connected with parent’s cultural capital and respondents’ level of education.