Redefining art worlds in the late modernity (red. Paula Guerra, Pedro Costa)

capa_artnet-low-resW 2016 roku nakładem wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu w Porto ukazała się książka „Redefining art worlds in the late modernity” po redakcją Pauli Guerry i Perdro Costy.

Jak zachęcają redaktorzy: „The book stems from the importance that art worlds have taken in our agendas as well as our wide research network. This book is a tribute to Becker and to the importance of the analytical concept of the art world in the research to the arts. However, more than simply nodding to the concept, this book also seeks to show the way in which the concept of ‘art world’ has been developed, increased, changed and transformed to fit the plastic reality of contemporary society. The book is structured around what brings us to and separates us from Becker. The chapters pay tribute to the author at the same time as they critically re-analyse his perspective. It is structured in four parts: (1) Art worlds, moments and places; (2) Art worlds in motion; (3) Art worlds and territorial belongings; (4) Art worlds, creative communities and participation.”.

Publikacja w całości dostępna jest TUTAJ.