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zatrzadzanie-w-kulturze2016W numerze 4/2016 „Zarządzania w Kulturze” ukazał się artykuł zatytułowany „Wydawcy muzyki poważnej i elektronicznej wobec wyzwań polskiego rynku fonograficznego: misja, strategie, oczekiwania„, którego jestem współautorką.


This article is based on empirical data gathered during the research on Polish recording industry conducted in 2013. The paper concentrates on a part of the recording industry which specializes in classical and electronic music. The authors analyze the mission and organizational structures of labels which specialize in the aforementioned music genres. The empirical data suggest that these labels, despite operating on competitive markets, are not driven by purely market orientation. The discussion conducted in the paper suggests that these labels unwittingly contribute to the cultural policy of the state, even though most of them are not supported by the government. Consequently, the results of this study can be used to improve this policy.

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