Ethnography & craft knowledge (PSJ/QSR)

W angielskim wydaniu Przeglądu Socjologii Jakościowej w 2013 ukazał się ciekawy artykuł „Ethnography and Craft Knowledge” autorstwa Paula Atkinsona.

Abstrakt artykułu:
The paper has twin themes: the creative work of ethnographic interpretation, and the ethnographic interpretation of creative work. Illustrated with reference to recent and current fieldwork on craft, dance, and opera, it suggests some ways in which the ethnographer might creatively engage with her or his chosen fields. It criticizes the current view of “grounded theory” which is found to be far too procedurally driven, in favor of more creative explorations of data.

Atkinson, Paul. 2013. “Ethnography and Craft Knowledge.” Qualitative Sociology Review, 9(2):56-63.

Qualitative Sociology Review

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