Call for participants: Sounds of everyday life

Call for participants: Sounds of everyday life
Deadline 28 feb

Sound Diaries are looking for participants to document the sounds of everyday life and to contribute to a public event and publication marking ten years of the project.

We are interested in everyday sounds and sounding contexts from cutlery drawers to bus stops to self-service checkouts.

Projects can take many forms but should focus on documentary recording of everyday sound. This could be sound from your own everyday or from another context that you want to investigate. It might help to look at some existing Sound Diaries projects. For example Get Rid! An investigation of the everyday sounding culture of grassroots football; the Berlin Sound Diary a document of the everyday sounds of travel; or the UK Soundmap Sonic Time Capsule.

The deadline for application is February 28th 2019 at 23.00. Successful applicants will be invited to attend a seminar at the audiograft festival in Oxford on March 16th to discuss their project ideas.